Report a Bug

Report bugs or other issues you have found within the game to the team so we may address them quickly for you and other players.

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How to report a bug

Clicking this button here will start a new bug report for you.

You can report a bug by sending an email to [email protected] with the subject:

[Bug]: <Describe your bug here>

What can be reported as a bug?

We will only accept your bug report if it is about a bug. A bug is something in the game not behaving the way it should, due to a problem in the game's code. As such, it should be reproducible and not be caused by circumstances outside of the game.

How to write helpful bug reports

To help ensure that your bug report is effective, it is highly recommended that you follow these guidelines:

  • Write a concise summary that clearly states the problem. Avoid generic statements like “Help!”, “It doesn't work”, “It’s broken”, or “There’s a bug”, and instead use a short phrase to accurately summarize your issue. You may find it helpful to think about what you would search on to find the issue.

  • Include precise steps to reproduce the issue. Write down what exactly you did that caused the issue. If you are not sure, try to recreate the bug in a test world. Use a numbered list for the steps, so it is easy for someone else to follow.

  • After listing the steps, clearly state what happens, and what you believe should happen.

  • Include the exact text of any messages (e.g., error messages) that appeared at the time of your issue.

  • Attach screenshots to the report to showcase the issue more clearly. If possible, you can attach a short video as well.

  • If the attachment file size is too large, upload it somewhere else and link to it in the description of the bug report or attach a smaller compressed file.

  • Do not use excessive formatting (bold, all caps, large text, multiple blank lines, etc.).

  • If you are aware of any situation in which the behavior you are reporting is used as a feature, mention it in the description of your bug report. This way the developers can decide if they want to keep the behavior or add a respective replacement for it.

  • Take your time. Read over your bug report to make sure you didn’t leave out anything and that everything is clearly explained.

Example Template

Here’s an example of how you could format a new bug report; feel free to copy and paste this:

[Briefly describe the bug here]

Steps to Reproduce:

[Step 1]
[Step 2]
[Step 3]

Observed Results:
[Describe what happens]

Expected Results:
[Describe what should happen]

[Optional: Attach an image or short video]

[Any further information you can provide about the bug, such as explaining any attachments you’re including, when the bug started to occur, how you’ve tested the bug,
messages displayed (e.g., error messages), and how the bug impacts gameplay.]

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